Datapolis offers data-driven location intelligence and scenario planning

Datapolis is a location intelligence and scenario planning platform that supports decision-making on finding the best matching locations for businesses and portfolio reassessments using large-scale urban data combined with AI and data science.


For retail, FMCG, HoReCa

Use large-scale urban data to find the highest potential area for your establishments and to discover hidden business opportunities. Secure your long-term investments with our cutting-edge data-driven decision making technology.

Monitor consumer behavior to align your business offers and aim your marketing campaigns to your target groups to maximize your efficiency. Understand and visualize trending habits and needs on an easy-to-use online platform.

Strengthen your scenario planning by hypothesizing the future characteristics of the targeted neighborhood. Discover the impact of disruptive events, such as new openings or city developments. This way, with Datapolis you can save time and resources, and maximize your return on investment.

Learn about the potential impact of foreseeable crisis and disruptive events on your business before your competitors. Let the data-based insights highlight the weaknesses and threats of your market and, thus, ensure the resilience of your project against extreme conditions.


For people moving to new cities

Learn and explore the diverse profiles of your new city before moving in. Discovering the new urban environments, cost of living, and available services and activities is possible on our dynamic, easy-to-use online platform.

Start a new life in a new city without any disappointments. Our platform makes the right match between your preferences, lifestyle, personal interest, and daily routine to assist you in finding the neighborhoods that offer the most for you.


For tourists

Choose the best located accommodation for your stay based on the neighborhood’s profile and your personal preferences, such as quiet environment, transportation connection, child friendly activities, night-life, etc.

Choose the safest location for your holidays based on reliable data describing the neighborhood. Take care of your mental health and overall well-being by finding the most secure and suitable location to your needs.

Feel like home in any city you have never visited before. Ponder different neighborhoods matching your interest, such as local life, historical monuments, cultural events, etc. - and bring out the most out of your visit.



How does it work?

How does it work?

Datapolis collects various information about cities. It incorporates ​descriptive urban data​, people’s​ and ​stakeholders’ preferences and opinions ​and ​global environmental factors.

Datapolis curates a unique urban data warehouse and provides intelligence, such as information about the mobility, rental fees, reviews and the behaviour of the target personas, characteristics of the competitors, and the socio-economical properties of the neighborhoods to allow stakeholders to explore different scenarios their businesses could possibly encounter.


As a result Datapolis provides novel insights, comprehensive reports, interactive
visualizations, and scenario planning about relevant urban features at different
granularities from the scale of entire cities to the level of individual streets.



Data Library, Visualization

Interactive visualizations aligning to local and global trends allowing clients to aggregate large-scale data into business-friendly reports.

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Forecasts, Predictions

Based on cutting edge Business Intelligence future trends and predictions from granular to city-wide forecasts. 

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Scenario planning

AI-driven engine supporting various different scenarios of a city’s evolution using wide range of urban development elements.


Complex analysis, consultation

Our global team of professionals accelerate productivity, implement solutions, and provide custom developments.

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