Data Scientist – Engineering

Datapolis is seeking a data scientist with a technical background to join our core data science team. We focus on understanding human behavior, the structure and dynamics of urban spaces, and how these two interact. All of these via large-scale datasets to provide cutting-edge location intelligence service to our customers. As a member of our currently growing team, your role will cover a wide range of data-related challenges, such as collecting, processing, and storing large-scale geospatial data, plan the development of our data warehouse and cloud systems, and support the design and deployment of data and ETL pipelines.


We believe you are a great fit for us if you are experienced in the majority of the following:

  • Collecting and handling large data-sets
  • Building databases
  • Cloud computing and services
  • Geo-spatial analytics and urban development
  • KDD 
  • Theory and practice of machine learning 


In addition, a few tools that should ring the bell: Web-crawling, Python, SQL, BigQuery, AWS, QGIS, Tensorflow, OpenStreetMap


What you will be a part of:

  • The development of a unique scalable product
  • International, expanding start-up 
  • A community of people from a diverse background
  • The end-to-end process from data collection to business solutions